Forecaster & Cold Front Expansion Equipment

Run multiple pressure washers to the Forecaster or Cold Front Snow Gun
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BYSS Expansion Equipment allows you to expand your current Forecaster or Cold Front system. This expansion equipment allows multiple pressure washers to be used with a single Forecaster or Cold Front Snow Gun to increase water flow and snow output.

The High Pressure Connection Manifold allows for the combination of up to four pressure washers to be used in a single snowmaking system. This is the most important item in any train system. This manifold is composed of high pressure fittings rated for pressures up to 5000 PSI to ensure safe combination of high pressure water streams into a single water stream connecting to the snow gun.

These manifolds include high quality check valves to protect your equipment from any back flow. Each high pressure manifold is assembled, and pressure tested before it leaves the warehouse to ensure high performance.

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