BYSS Ski/Snowboard Box Rail


BYSS Ski/Snowboard Box Rail 00003

BYSS Ski/Snowboard Box Rail - $539

Fully Expandable - each box comes with extra connection rods/bolts for multi-box option

The BYSS Box Rail is the ultimate addition for any skier/snowboarder looking to polish their freestyle game. This Box was designed and built to bring the resort back home with you. The BYSS Box is professionally built, and the most affordable high quality box rail for residential use. The BYSS Box has a 8ft long by 12" wide main section with a 1ft end piece for a total box length of 9ft (2.75m). The frame is constructed of high strength carbon steel for durability and longevity even through the hardest hits. The BYSS Box Rail is fully expandable and can be combined to any length. Purchase another box and create an 18ft (5.5m) box rail for longer options.

The BYSS Box Rail is fastened with a 3/8" Thick White HDPE top sheet for protection against warping, smooth grind, and high durability. Countersunk attachment holes ensure no bolt head is above top sheet for safety to ski/snowboard. The BYSS Box is manufactured using high precision for all connection points to be flush and provide a smooth grinding surface.

Please Note: This is a very large and heavy item. Please plan to carry and move box with at least 2 people.


(1) 8ft center section with attached HDPE top sheet

(1) 1ft end piece with attached HDPE top sheet

(2) Leg Sections w/bolts

(2) Feet sections w/bolts

(2) Top Piece Connection Rods

+2 extra with each box for expansion capability

(1) Protective End Plate

(-) Corresponding bolts with nuts


  • 1.5" Diameter Heavy Duty Side Wall Steel Piping
  • 3/8" Thick White HDPE assembled top sheet
  • Welded Carbon Steel Frame for durability and stability
  • 11.5" Box Rail width for increased surface area
  • 9' overall box length with expandable capabilities


  • Shipping Box Dimensions: 96" x 12" x 4"
  • Assembled Box Dimensions: (L x W x H) - 108" x 11.5" x 21"
  • Box Weight: 86 LBS (39 kg)
$539 In stock
BYSS Ski/Snowboard Box Rail BYSS Ski/Snowboard Box Rail