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The Forecaster Snow Gun is designed to be used with a pressure washer and air compressor. Simply put, the size (flow rate) of your pressure washer will determine how much snow you can produce. A pressure washer that has a higher GPM (gallons per minute) rating will produce more snow. 

How much can you make? On average (other variables will affect this estimate), The GPM rating = inch per hour of snow accumulation in a 12′ x 30′ area. Example: Running a 2 GPM pressure washer will produce 2″ per hour in that approximate area of 12′ x 30′. 

The Forecaster Snow Gun is compatible with any flow rate from 1-8 GPM. To increase snow output, you may use a single large pressure washer or multiple smaller pressure washers running together in a “Train System”. We have designed and offer our Train Systems so you can increase snow output at a lower cost while also using standard 110v pressure washers. Below is a comparison of the Forecaster Package Options available:

Simple and Train Diagrams Shown Below