What Equipment Do I Need?

Products Comparison Chart

Home Snow Making Machine


Fully expandable Waterflow: 1gpm-10gpm
Snowfall: 1.5"-12"/hr

single train package


Basic Snowmaking Package
All equipment included (except garden hose)

Double train snowmaking package


Two Pressure Washer Setup
Double the water = Double the snow!

Triple-train snow machine package


Allows up to Three Pressure Washers
Triple the water = Triple the snow!

Quad-train snow making machine package


Four Pressure Washer Setup
Max snow output for residential snowmaking

blow out tool


Tools, Hoses, Filters, Full Expansion Kits,
Pressure Washers, Air Compressors

Box Render1

Ski/Snowboard Box

Freestyle Ski/Snowboard Box Rail

600w snowmaker

Artificial Snowmakers

Too Warm to Make Snow? Check out our Artificial Snowmakers

Backyard Snowstorm snowmaking packages contain equipment necessary to run your desired system. Each package contains the proper nozzles, connections, air compressor, and pressure washer options to fit your home snowmaking needs. 


A snow making note from Backyard Snowstorm regarding Pressure Washers and Air Compressors:


At Backyard Snowstorm, we provide pressure washers and air compressors that have been selected based on their quality (high user ratings and our experience) and their suitability to our system.  We drop ship these items to your home directly from well-known distributors (such as Home Depot, or Lowes) and charge you a nominal handling fee.  If you have any issue with these units, you will have a sales receipt and must deal with the seller directly.  We provide you the option to select each package without the associated pressure washer, or air compressor if you wish to purchase these directly.


We provide residential quality pressure washers and air compressors at more affordable prices.  In our experience, these units will last 1 to 2 snow making seasons since they are not made for long-term continuous use.  We also provide commercial machines that will stand up to the rigors of hundreds of hours of continuous use, and we highly recommend that you make this investment when and if you can.


Pressure Washers and Air Compressors are available for drop shipping in the US only. For Canada and other countries, please select the desired package and indicate that no air compressor or pressure washer is required in the options. You can follow the specifications of our recommended models to find a suitable unit from local sources.