Real Snowmaking Products


Forecaster Snow Gun

Starting at $569
Water Flow Rate: 1-8 GPM (fully expandable)
Snow Output: 1" - 8" Per Hour (420 SQ FT)

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Little Cloud Snow Gun

Starting at $449
Perfect beginner snowmaker!
Water Flow Rate: 0.7 GPM (Fixed)
Snow Output: 0.7" Per Hour (60 SQ FT)

Single Train - Forcaster

Forecaster Simple Package

Includes proper hoses and fittings for a simple setup

Double Train - Forcaster

Double Train Package

Allows combination of two pressure washers to increase snow output

Triple Train - Forcaster

Triple Train Package

Allows combination of three pressure washers

Quad Train - Forcaster

Quad Train Package

Use four pressure washers to maximize snow output!

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Expansion Equipment

Equipment to run multiple pressure washers to your snow gun!

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Snowmaking Accessories: Adapter Fittings, Filters, and Hoses

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Forecaster Misting Nozzle Pack

1-4 or 4-8 GPM Nozzle Pack

Quick Helps