Forecaster Snow Gun

Starting at $589
Water Flow Rate: 1-8 GPM (fully expandable)
Snow Output: 1" - 8" Per Hour (420 SQ FT)

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Little Cloud Snow Gun

Starting at $399
Water Flow Rate: 0.7 GPM (Fixed)
Snow Output: 0.7" Per Hour (60 SQ FT)

Single Train - Forcaster

Forecaster Simple Package

Includes hoses and fittings for a simple setup

Double Train - Forcaster

Forecaster Train Packages

Starting at $899
Allows combination of multiple pressure washers to maximize snow output!

tripod ph blaster

1200 Watt Artificial Snow Maker

High output of artificial snow flakes!

600w snowmaker

600 Watt Artificial Snow Maker

Great beginner artificial snow-making machine!