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Create your own Artificial (Fake) Snow!

Backyard Snowstorm Artificial Snowmakers use an evaporative, non-toxic snowmaking liquid to create artificial snowflakes for a wide range of applications regardless of temperature. These artificial snowing machines are great for parties, stage effects, photoshoots, and more. These are a great alternative to our Real Snowmaking Machines if you want to make snow in any temperature. Scroll to learn more!

For those looking for more options. Snowmaker provides snow output and flake size control. Large tank size for continuous use.
  • High output of artificial snowflakes
  • Remote Control for easy ON/OFF
  • Small/large flake options for “lighter” or “heavier” snow falling effects
  • Mounting arm included for attachment
Best little snowmaker for the price. Corded and remote start with medium output of artificial flakes.
  • Medium output of artificial snowflakes
  • Remote Control for easy ON/OFF
  • Mounting arm included for attachment

How to Make Artificial (Fake) Snow

Backyard Snowstorm Artificial Snow Makers are perfect for creating safe, foamy snowflakes for your event or party! Setting up the Artificial Snowmaker is quick and easy!

Step 1

Find a Good Location to Make your Fake Snow

Start by find a good location to make your fake snow. If you want an amazing “snow falling” effect, then we recommend finding a location high in the air to blow snow. If you blow fake snowflakes from a high location, then the snowflakes will look great as they naturally fall towards the ground. Ladders, poles, trees, and roofs are all fair game! Each Artificial Snow Maker comes with a mounting bracket in case you need to secure the machine to something out of reach. For the most area coverage use the 1200 Watt Artificial Snow Maker.

Step 2

Mix and Fill the Artificial Snow Maker with Snow Maker Liquid

The next step is to create the snowmaking fluid. Start by mixing a 32oz concentrate bottle with 3 gallons of distilled water in a large bucket. Then, pour the mixed snowmaking fluid into the snowmaker tank. You’re now ready to make snow! If you want “lighter” looking snowflakes, simply add more distilled water to the mixture. 

Step 3

Turn on the Machine and Let it Snow!

Once your Artificial Snow Maker is filled with liquid, plug in the power and let it snow! Each snowmaker has a small remote control so you can easily turn the machine on and off. Let the fake snowflakes fall from the sky for the perfect snow falling effect, or coat an area with the fake snow for a winter photoshoot! Create your own Backyard Snowstorm with the Artificial Snowmaking Machines