What Do I Need to Make Snow?

Cold Weather

Freezing temperatures are required for real snowflakes to form. If the temperature is too warm, the small water droplets produced through the snowgun cannot freeze to form snow. As a rule of thumb, temperatures under 28F (-2.2C) are needed to make snow. please visit our snowmaking weather chart to see what temperature and humidity will produce the best snow quality.

Designed Snow Gun

Anyone who wants to make real snow will need a designed snowgun with nozzles and fittings. Our Forecaster snow gun is professionally engineered and easy to use. Included in our snow guns are check valves, high pressure 150 micron filters, professionally built stainless steel nozzles, and quick connection fittings for easy use.  The BYSS Forecaster snow gun can be used with any pressure washer(s) with flow rates between 1-8 GPM.

Pressure Washer Icon

Pressure Washer(s)

High pressure water is used in our snowmaking system to create small enough water droplets for snowflakes to form. The amount of snow you will make will depend on the amount of water you have running through your pressure washer(s). As a general rule, a pressure washer rated at 1 GPM (Gallon Per Minute) will produce 1″ of snow per hour covering a spread of 12’x25′. 2 GPM will produce 2″ of snow per hour covering the same spread of 12’x25′ and so on. Start off small with a single pressure washer system, or add multiple pressure washers in our “train systems” to increase snow output while saving money on expensive pressure washers. 

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Air Compressor

Compressed air is used in our snowmaking system to split water droplets even smaller so that a nucleation site can be created for snowflakes to form. Our system accommodates a range of compressors, but also requires a minimum air flow of 5 CFM @ 90 PSI to work properly. We suggest purchasing this item at a local store or using an already owned compressor if it fits the minimum air flow requirement. If you would like more information about how snow is formed and the nucleation process, please visit our SNOWMAKING SCIENCE page

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Proper Fittings

You have all the equipment, now lets make sure it all fits together! Having the proper fittings so you can connect your snow gun to your pressure washer and air compressor is essential. Check out our adapter info page to learn more 


All included equipment for snowmaking