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How to make snow with multiple pressure washers

Home snowmaking systems are generally designed to work with a standard pressure washer and air compressor. Below is a diagram of what a simple home snowmaking system looks like: 

BYSS Diagram

How much snow can you make?

A common question we get asked is “How much snow will this system make?” The answer primarily depends on the size of pressure washer you use. Simply put, the pressure washer’s GPM (gallons per minute) rating will determine how much snow is produced. 1 GPM of water from the pressure washer = 1″/HR (approximately) of snow output. 2 GPM = 2″/HR and so on. So, the higher the pressure washer GPM rating, the more snow you can make!

How to increase pressure washer GPM

Now that we understand more water flow (pressure washer GPMs) equals more snow, the question now is “How can I increase the GPMs to the snow gun?” One option is to get a larger pressure washer with a higher GPM rating. Another option is to use multiple pressure washers together to “combine” the water from each pressure washer. Combining allows you to use smaller pressure washers to achieve the same GPM (gallons per minute) as one larger pressure washer. This is what a home snowmaking system with two pressure washers looks like:


As you can see from the diagram above, water from your water spigot is split and fed to two pressure washers. The water is pumped from each pressure washer into the hoses and combined in an engineered high-pressure manifold. The combined water travels back into one hose before entering the snow gun. This method allows you to increase the water flow (GPMs) while maintaining high pressure. 

What are the pros and cons?


Using multiple pressure washers is the cheapest way to make lots of snow residentially. Commercial pressure washers rated over 2-3 GPM are often very expensive (over $2,000 each). Maybe you’re not ready to invest in a $3,000 pressure washer for extreme home snowmaking. That’s OK! Try a setup with 1 or 2 smaller pressure washers to get started. Over time, you can add to your system and go for the more expensive pumps when you’re ready. 

It’s also the most practical option for most homes in the US with standard 110V power outlets. Using larger pressure washers (over 2 GPM) to make snow is difficult due to the size of the motor and the 220V power requirement.

Another advantage to using multiple pressure washers is having more snowmaking options. With a multi-pressure washer system, you can run 1, 2, 3, or 4 pressure washers in any combination. If you want more or less snow in a given area, then simply set up the system you want. Sometimes you may only want to blow 1-2 GPM instead of 4-5 GPM depending on your needs.


There are a few tradeoffs to using multiple pressure washers. Using multiple pressure washers requires more equipment and more setup time. You’ll have a few more hoses and fittings to hook up, but overall it’s fairly straightforward! You will want to make sure you use different power outlets in your home for electric pressure washers as well. 2 or 3 pressure washers hooked up on the same power outlet (breaker) will likely trip the breaker. You will need to run an extension cord to different outlets in your home and you’re good to go!

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