How Much Snow Can I Make?

How much snow do Backyard Snowstorm snow guns produce? Let's take a look at the biggest factors in snowmaking production:

Water Flow

We all know that water turns into snow. So, the first thing to consider is how much water is flowing through the snow gun. Across the website, we will use the term GPM (gallons per minute) to measure how much water flow is used. The more GPMs of water flow move through the snow gun, the more snow will be made. In the most simple terms, more water equals more snow! In general, 1 GPM of water will make 1″ of snow per hour. If you increase the water flow to 2 GPM, then you will make 2″ of snow per hour (so on and so forth). Each of our real snowmaking machines are designed for small, medium, and large water flow capacities. For more information about these snow guns please CLICK HERE.


tempurature thermometer for home snow making machine

The temperature and humidity play another big role in the volume of snow produced. Colder temperatures and lower humidity are better for snowmaking and will create “lighter” less dense snow. Because of this, making snow in colder temperatures and at a lower humidity will make a snow pile look bigger. If you make snow on the edge of snowmaking conditions (SEE WEATHER CHART HERE) you will tend to make heavier “dense” snow as compared to colder/lower humidity conditions. This snow will still be great for creating snowballs, making snowmen, or making sledding hills. However, it will be more compact and have less overall volume making it look smaller. 

Nucleation Seed Formation

Another factor in how much snow you can make is determined by the creation of nucleation “seeds”. This is where the science comes in! Without going into too much nerdy detail, the snow gun is very important in producing ice crystals for snowflakes to form. Without producing nucleation “seeds”, you would just spray water in the air and make ice. If you use the wrong parts or improper equipment in the snow gun design, this will dramatically decrease the amount of snow you can make. DIY snow makers tend to be less efficient in producing nucleation seeds by design. All of our snow guns are professionally engineered and built not just to make snow, but to optimize the amount of snow you can make! Our commercial-grade components drastically increase the efficiency of snow formation compared to other DIY snow makers. For a more in-depth article on snowmaking science CLICK HERE