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We love our snowmaking community and seeing YOUR snowmaking creations! Over the years, we’ve seen some amazing things created with our snowmaking products. Huge snow piles, ski and snowboard parks, Christmas morning reactions, sledding hills, zoos, parties, events, and the list goes on!

We’ve also found that everyone loves to see your snowmaking creations, not just us! By sharing your creations, we’re able to help give others an idea of what’s possible with real home snowmaking or artificial snowmaking.

To build our snowmaking community, we offer cash prizes each year for creative content. Besides making some money, it’s also cool to show off your creations to family and friends! So, now that you’re going to be the coolest person in the neighborhood, you might as well snap some pics!

backyard terrain park
Backyard Terrain Park
Snow made with Backyard Snowstorm Snowgun
Huge Snow Pile
backyard sledding
Sledding Track
christmas snowmaking
Christmas Decoration

How Does It Work?

Simply send us your photos & videos! Backyard Snowstorm loves all kinds of content. Whether you have one of our Real Snowmakers, or Artificial Snowmakers, send us what you got!

At the end of the season, we will select our top customers to reward! 

Here are some content ideas:

(Basic Level) 

  • Photos or videos of making snow (real or fake)
  • Before & after photos
  • Customer review or our website

(Advanced Level)

  • Edited snowmaking video (YouTube compatible)
  • Timelapse Videos
  • Review or Detailed Product Videos
  • Social Media Posts (linked to BYSS)

Get creative and have fun! Any content or product feedback is highly appreciated.


IMPORTANT: If you take photos or videos, PLEASE film horizontally for editing purposes.

Send all content in a .zip folder (or individual file) to

2023-2024 Snowmaking Competition!

Get involved in our community by entering our “Biggest” and “Best” snowmaking competition! As home snowmakers, you WILL be the talk of the neighborhood! Looking for fun ways to get the family invoved this winter season? Why not create something you’ll remember forever? Get involved in this years competition for a chance to be this years “Biggest” or “Best” snowmaker.

Who Can Create The Biggest?

Home Snow Gun

Big, Extreme, Massive, Gigantic. We could go on….. But, you get the idea. Document your time out in the yard and send in this year’s biggest creations. The “Biggest” snowmaker can create any of the following to be crowned King:

  • Biggest Snow Pile
  • Biggest Snowman or Sculpture
  • Biggest Sledding or Tubing Track
  • Biggest Snowball Fight
  • Other – As long as it’s BIG!

Who Can Create The Best?


Best, Unique, and Creative. Have a good idea? Let’s make it happen! Being the “best” may be putting in some work to refine your snow art. The “Best” snowmaker can create any of the following to be crowned King:

  • Best Sledding Track
  • Best Christmas Setup
  • Best Ski/Snowboard Park
  • Best Creation or Sculpture
  • Other – be creative!

Prizes for the top snowmakers in each category will win a BYSS “Let it Snow” Hoodie, Stickers,  and a $100 Visa Gift Card. This prize will be in addition to other cash prizes provided for snowmaking content. 

Disclaimer: by sending any content to Backyard Snowstorm, the customer is giving Backyard Snowstorm the right to use this content freely on the BYSS website and all social media channels. Backyard Snowstorm will not tag any customers in any posts if requested.

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