Return and Warranty Policies

What is the Return Policy?

All returns must be received by BYSS within 30 days of the original ship date.  The customer will be responsible for the outgoing shipping and return shipping cost plus a 10% restocking charge.  All items must be returned in “near-new” condition.  If items are damaged, or show significant wear or abuse, we reserve the right to discount the return further.

What is the Product Warranty?

We warranty all BYSS items for 2 years.  If any item has manufacturing or assembly defects, or shipping damage, we will replace the defective/damaged item with like components.  The warranty covers damage or failure due to normal operation and conditions.  If required, we will pay for shipping the item(s) to our Utah based facility for repairs and return shipping to the customer.  Items will not be replaced if they show excessive wear or abuse, or if the system has been altered by the user, or if the system has been operated outside of its design parameters (for example connecting a 3500 psi pressure washer at twice the flow of the designed package).

Backyard Snowstorm will not be responsible for any warranty claims for pressure washers or air compressors.