Return and Warranty Policies

Return Policy:

Backyard Snowstorm provides a standard 30-day return policy. Un-opened items are subject to a 15% re-stocking fee plus shipping costs. Any used items are subject to a 25% re-testing and re-stocking fee plus shipping costs. If items are damaged, or show significant wear or abuse, Backyard Snowstorm reserves the right to discount the return further.

All Backyard Snowstorm snow guns are built, assembled, and tested in our warehouse in Sandy, UT. This return policy is based on our short selling season, limited inventory, and our testing procedures for snow gun quality. 

Product Warranty:

Backyard Snowstorm products are covered under a 2 year limited warranty.  If any item has manufacturing defects, assembly defects, or shipping damage, we will repair or replace the damaged items.  The warranty covers damage or failure due to normal operation and conditions.  

Outside of this warranty, Backyard Snowstorm can repair or replace any items at the customers cost. 


Backyard Snowstorm will not be responsible for any warranty claims for pressure washers or air compressors.

These policies are only for BYSS Cold Weather snowmaking equipment (Little Cloud, Forecaster, and product packages or equipment). This does not include BYSS artificial snowmakers. The warranty for artificial snowmaking machines can be found on each product page.