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Key Features

Nucleation Nozzle

All Backyard Snowstorm Snow Guns feature a commercial nucleation nozzle. This nozzle is essential for snowflake formation and designed for efficiency.

Variable Flow Rate

Our snow guns include a variety of misting nozzles to be used with any pressure washer. Simply insert the nozzles that match your pressure washer flow rate.


Backyard Snowstorm snow guns are expandable and can be used with multiple pressure washers. Start with a single pressure washer, then add more over time to increase snow output.

Our Mission

We’ve spent 15+ years engineering our home snow machines. We now strive to offer the highest quality snowmaking products at the lowest price possible.

What's Different?

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Backyard Snowstorm products are built from high-quality parts and customized for our design. Our snow gun heads are CNC machined anodized aluminum for functionality and performance. The snow gun body features anodized aluminum sheet metal used for protection and mounting options.

Backyard Snowstorm nozzles are stainless steel and customed for proper water droplet formation. Each Snow Gun includes a misting nozzle pack used to match the flow rate of any pressure washer. 

Each snow gun features a commercial-grade nucleation nozzle. This nucleation nozzle is customized for our system and designed for superior air and water mixing. This nozzle provides millions of properly sized seed crystals essential for snow formation.

Backyard Snowstorm snow guns feature a tripod stand for easy snow gun positioning. Simply rotate the stand vertically or horizontally to adjust the spray location. 

Our snow guns also include quick-connect fittings making setup and takedown extremely easy.

Backyard Snowstorm offers snow guns and packages that work with a single or multiple pressure washers. Using multiple pressure washers allows system expansion over time, and is the cheapest way to make more snow with a home snowmaker. Learn more about using multiple pressure washers here

With a more efficient system, more water will turn into more snow. This leads to overall lower costs when making snow residentially. 


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