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Snow Gun Comparison Chart

Little Cloud

Entry Level





Standard Residential



Cold Front

Small Commercial



Snow Output

Snow output is measured in inches per hour (“/HR). For the Little Cloud Snow Gun, the snow output is fixed at 1″ per hour. For the Forecaster and Cold Front Snow Guns, the pressure washer flow rate will determine snow output. The best approximation for this is calculated by the following: # GPM = # inches per hour. (ex: 1 GPM = 1” per hour)

Snow Coverage

Snow coverage is measured in feet (W’ x L’). These are approximate values depending on temperature, humidity and wind.


Listed are starting prices. Add-ons such as hoses and fittings are available on each product page.


The Forecaster and Cold Front Snow Guns are expandable to work with multiple pressure washers. This gives you the option of upgrading your snowmaking system over time to make more snow. Simply start with a single pressure system, then add more pressure washers later to increase snow output. The Forecaster is expandable up to 6 GPM of water flow and the Cold Front can handle up to 10 GPM of water flow. The Little Cloud is fixed and cannot be expanded.

Pressure Washer(s)

The Little Cloud Snow Gun simply uses a garden hose (no pressure washer). The Forecaster and Cold Front Snow Guns require a pressure washer or high pressure pump. Any common pressure washer rated between 1-6 GPM (gallons per minute) will work with the Forecaster Snow Gun. The Cold Front Snow Gun is designed for small commercial applications with larger pumps rated between 5-10 GPM of water flow. All pressure washers and high-pressure pumps will need to be rated at 1000 PSI minimum. Higher water pressures above 1500 PSI do not improve snow quality or snow output. As long as the pump is rated at least 1000 PSI it will work great with the Forecaster and Cold Front Snow Guns.

Air Compressor

All three snow guns require an air compressor to operate. The Little Cloud Snow Gun requires an air compressor rated at least 4.5 CFM @ 90 PSI. The Forecaster and Cold Front Snow Guns require an air compressor rated at 5 CFM @ 90 PSI.