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Cold Front Operation

Follow these quick helps to make sure things are running smoothly during operation! 

All the steps below should be done immediately after setting the Cold Front Snow Gun up. Our recommendation is to re-check these steps periodically during operation to make sure things are working correctly when starting out with snowmaking. As you become familiar with the process, little to no checking is required! 

Check Outside Temperature and Humidity #

tempurature thermometer for home snow making machine

We’ve made this mistake plenty of times! Always double-check the temperature and humidity BEFORE and DURING a snowmaking session. Many times, the temperature will change, and conditions may not be right for snowmaking. Keep a eye on the outside temperature specifically to make sure you stay in “snowmaking temperatures”. If the temperature gets too warm while the snow machine is running, you’ll start spraying water instead of making snow.

Check the bottom Nucleation Nozzle #

The bottom Nucleation nozzle is essential to making snow. If this nozzle is not working properly, you will make ice instead of snow. Make sure you have enough airflow and pressure exiting this nozzle (60PSI +). If you mistakenly regulate the air compressor and the air flow is weakened, the air will not be strong enough to break the water droplets small enough for snowflake formation. (For more information about this issue CLICK HERE)

Quickly checking the water pressure after turning the system on will ensure everything is running smoothly. The target range for the BYSS provided Pressure Gauge is 400 – 800 PSI in cold temperatures. If you are in this range, you are good to go! If not, please check out our troubleshooting article HER

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Updated on December 2, 2023