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Little Cloud Takedown

Properly taking the system down after making snow is extremely important! To prolong the life of your system and prepare for the next snowmaking session follow these instructions:  

Unplug Air Hose and Turn the Air Compressor OFF #

Unplug the Air Hose and Turn the Air Compressor OFF. Let the tank empty to about 40-60PSI. You will need some pressure in the tank to push the water through the hose in the next step.

Turn the Water OFF #

At your water spigot (or other water source) turn the water OFF. Unthread the garden hose from the source and position this side of the garden hose next to the air compressor. You will want to get it close enough that you can connect the air hose to it.  

Blow out the System #

Next, Insert the Blow Out Tool into the female side of the garden hose. Make sure the connection is tight. Turn the compressor back ON and plug the air hose into the Blow Out Tool. BE CAREFUL! Do not stand near the snow gun when blowing out the water.

The air inside of the compressor should now be pushing the water through the garden hose and out of the Snow Gun. It may take several minutes to push all the water through the hose. The idea here is to get ALL of the water removed from the hose, and snow gun so that no water is left. Any water that is left in the hoses has the potential to freeze and make things difficult the next time you set up your equipment.  

Blow out each item individually #

You should have already run air through the entire water line from start to finish. Now, disassemble the garden hose, and snow gun. Use the Blow Out Tool in each separate item and blow out any remaining water. Sometimes, water can collect at connection points, so blowing out each item is helpful.  

Store Equipment in a Warm Location #

Storing your equipment in a warm location is a great practice for prolonging the life of your snowmaking system. Don’t leave anything outside! Any equipment left out in the cold will weather quicker and may freeze. We recommend getting a large storage bin where you can neatly store your equipment until it gets cold again! Try to find a location that’s warm to store your equipment so everything is ready to set up again. 

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Updated on December 1, 2023